In meditation, one learns to get a more profound knowledge of oneself by cultivating greater self-awareness of one’s mind and body in the present moment. It is a method that relies on yoga philosophy and breathing techniques to transfer one’s experience from the outside world to the inner world of the practitioner. Meditation is a journey that takes you from the outside into the inside out. Yoga has a lot of Advantages. When we think of the advantages of yoga, and the term “flexibility” comes to mind. But there are many more. Yogic practices such as meditation and yoga help us achieve balance in our inner and exterior lives. The ancient Yogic Scriptures repeatedly state that there is an unbreakable link between the mind and the body. The majority of illnesses begin as feelings of discomfort or restlessness in mind, and if left untreated, they develop as physical ailments. The yoga and meditation classes in singapore helps in bringing the inner self with peace and wellness.

Meditation and yoga are crucial for the wellbeing

In meditation, the goal is to become aware of one’s own identity and to “discover the link between that and who you have considered yourself to be all this time.” It is about coming to terms with and reconnecting with your self-identity, as well as the relationship you have with yourself.Meditation may be done either alone or in a group setting. However, like with any workout, one would first need to acquire and develop the skill under the supervision of a qualified instructor to be effective.

yoga and meditation classes in singapore

Everyone can benefit from meditation. Meditation will, without a doubt, provide a feeling of peace to your life… But it also provides a wealth of other benefits. For example, it is possible to improve physical and emotional healing by developing a regular meditation practice. In addition, regular meditation may assist in calming the mind, release stuck energy, process and released current and previous emotional problems.


Teachings in modern-day Viniyoga are based on understandings from Yogis of the past. Still, they have been “translated” and contextualized to be appropriate for practitioners and care seekers in today’s society. Comprehensive knowledge of the person is included in this rich tradition, allowing Viniyoga practitioners to better connect with their inner life and spiritual self to attain more remarkable healing and health. Viniyoga offers various diverse online yoga courses and programs to meet the requirements of care seekers and practitioners in Singapore and across the globe and other countries.