Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice that provides energy flows through the bodies and homes. Its main focus is to provide positive energy so that everything should be done correctly in people’s life.The online feng shui consultant singapore are available throughout the city to consult the people to make changes in their house to get positive energy.

Elementsof fengshui

Five basic elements have been provided by the fengshui such as wood, earth, fire, metal, and water.

  • Wood: Wood provides strength, growth, and good energy to the house but it should not be used much otherwise it leads to producing negative energy. Positive images of wood should be installed at home such as tree trunks, leaves, etc.
  • Fire:Enthusiasm, power, and boldness will increase. Candles, sunlight should be installed in the house to provide energy to the house.
  • Earth:Physical strength affected by the earth. The earth should not be present in large quantities because abundance leads to boredom, high sensation, seriousness, etc. Brown, green color should be added in the house but not in much quantity, the flat surface should be there.
  • Metal:It leads to analytical abilities, focus, etc. There should be oval show metals in the house but should not be present in abundance.
  • Water:It deals with emotions so it should available in the house in average quantity.

The online feng shui consultant singapore consult the people properly to remain positive throughout life. They make changes in the life of people and provide the best result. Chinese introduced this throughout the world and people make changes in their house according to the saying of fengshui.