The couple needs to go for the testing together. A Doctor is most likely to start the examination by asking several basic but essential questions which the couple needs to answer honestly:

  • The most important part is to know your medical history.
  • Any current disease or medicines you take.
  • Any illicit drug consumption, caffeine consumption, history of smoking, etc.
  • Contact with any toxins or chemicals.
  • How often do you people have sex?
  • The history of any birth control consumption
  • Any STDs?
  • Problems with sex or after it?
  • Whether any of you has ever had sex outside of the relationship

All these and many more questions are a part of the preliminary tests included in the fertility check singaporeThey are essential and need to be answered correctly and carefully to receive a complete detailed result.

A uterine ultrasound

A doctor suggests a uterine ultrasound to find out a detailed image of the vagina or uterus. If the physician seems fit, they might suggest a sonohysterography. In this procedure, they can get a clearer look at the inside of your uterus to determine what the problem is. A fertility check singapore is especially required to detect any abnormal growths, fibroid tumors, or polyps. They might also use a sonohysterography to check for scarring inside your uterus or to see if it’s abnormally shaped.

If this proceeds unchecked, the doctor moves on to other types of tests to find out the underlying cause behind not being able to conceive.